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Marketing and after sales


Hebei Tuosi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0315-8198868

Sales Phone: Mr. Liu 1873626060

Fax : 0315-8128869

E-mail: torselliu@126.com

Website: www.torsel.net/en

Address: Huatong Street, Fengnan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tangshan City, Hebei Province (in Shengda Glass Factory)

Service Center

Your current location: Home >> Marketing and after sales >> Service Center

After-sales service: Mr. Guo 18831600257

Foshan Office in Guangdong: Mr. Pang 18176542593

Hangzhou Office in Zhejiang: Mr. Jing 15700122351

Langfang Office in Hebei: Mr. Liu 15100610689

Station in the Sudan, Yangyang: Mr. Si 13382988987


Technical Support:先创科技

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