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CNC front angle grinder F2C

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CNC front angle grinder F2C

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CNC front angle grinder F2C

Technical parameters:

◆Input voltage  AC380V/50 Hz

◆ Equipment Power  3.2KW

◆Saw blade diameter  120~800mm

◆Saw blade thickness  1-6mm

◆Front angle range  -5~30°

◆Tool head width  0.5~10mm

◆ cutter length  3~20mm

◆Shen Tang speed  4~20 seconds/tip

◆ Grinding wheel specifications  ∮150* ∮32*6mm

◆ sharpening speed  5-25s/tip

◆Device size (L*W*H) 1550mmX1300mmX1800

◆Device weight  1200Kg

Equipment features (Special features)

◆ At present, the top-level front angle grinding machine can select the grinding method according to the size of the rake angle (shaking grinding and straight grinding).

◆It can grind the tooth surface of various tooth shapes. The program comes with a conventional tooth shape. Users with complex tooth shape can edit it by themselves. More than 15 sets of tooth shape can be set, which is advantageous for the group tooth.

◆The grinding speed and the amount of feed can be set freely according to the size of the alloy and the amount of grinding. The processing time is 5S to 25S/tooth.

◆The processing precision is high, the error is less than 0.02mm, and the flank surface can be processed before machining the flank without changing the radial runout of the saw blade.

◆Easy operation, all machine parameters can be set on the operation panel, and one person can operate more than 10 devices.

◆With automatic compensation system, the compensation amount can be set according to the grinding wheel to greatly improve the precision and processing efficiency.

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