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Double head CNC sawing machine

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Double head CNC sawing machine

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Double head CNC sawing machine

Technical data:

◆ Input voltage                                            380V/50Hz

◆ Equipment power                                     3.5kw

◆ B| ade diameter                                         ∮200mm

 Equipment weight                                     1750kg

◆ Equipment size(L*W*H)                               2300*1400*1900mm


◆The equipment adopts the double-head CNC sawing machine developed for the angle cutting of the glass water cut ends of the automobile. The cutting saw blade can realize the horizontal and vertical rotation, so the angle of the three-dimensional space can be cut, and the angle adjustment is convenient and simple.

◆The cutting length can be adjusted in the range by the servo motor through the tool setting and tool compensation.

◆The precision of the saw blade rotation axis is high, the saw blade rotates quite smoothly, and the cutting surface is smooth and smooth, so there is no need to rest the cutting surface later.


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